What makes Southern Home Solutions-Provia Professional-Class?

Our doors are tailored specifically for your home in terms of size, shape, and style. The materials consist of the utmost quality, intricately produced with exceptional workmanship, and installed with expert installation.

Why invest in a Southern Home Solutions-Provia Door?

The doors offer an unmatched level of security, durability, beauty, and energy efficiency.

Are Southern Home Solutions-Provia doors better than other quality brands?

Absolutely! Provia has uniquely positioned themselves a level others in the market, due to the numerous options for customization while providing products with outstanding quality.

Are Southern Home Solutions-Provia doors and windows energy star rated?

Yes, our ENERGY STAR certified doors and windows are tested and certified to meet the strict energy-efficiency standards set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

How does your home's style determine your choice of a new entryway?

We have endless options to ensure your new door compliments your home, whether the style is craftsman, colonial, old world, or contemporary, we have an array of colors and glass options to choose from.

How many types of windows do you have to choose from?

Southern Home Solutions- Provia offers 4 different types of windows: Endure, Aeris, Ecolite, & Aspect. We also offer an assortment of styles: double hung, casement & awning, slider, picture, garden, bay & bow, and architectural shapes.